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Frequently asked questions

In this section you will find answers to all your questions. If you need additional information after accessing this section -
please use the feedback form in your account or contact us via any other convenient communication channel.

What is the role of is an officially registered company involved in cryptocurrency purchases, trade and private currency exchange streams.
Why is it profitable to work with
The rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market and especially the rapid growth of bitcoin have ensured high profits. Our financial risk is minimized through diversified investments in various activities.
What are the risks and guarantees for your customers?
Every investment activity has certain risks. The higher the potential profit, the higher the risk you may face. seeks to find the best solution to ensure the most acceptable balance between profit and risk. We guarantee the safety of funds and pay the full amount of profits to our customers.
How to become an investor in
When you sign up, you only need to sign in and set a strong password. Set your password to be as complex as possible and don't leak it. This will protect your account from unauthorized access. After registering, enter the bitcoin, LTC, DOGE, BTH, ETH address that you wish to use to deposit or withdraw profits in the future, as well as emails for further interaction with the company.
How many accounts can I register with
Each customer can only register and manage one account. Please follow this rule to avoid unnecessary funding freezes. .
Can I open multiple accounts from one computer or IP address?
You can open multiple accounts on the same computer, and if they belong to your relatives or friends, the rules do not prohibit this.
I can't access my account. Do you have any suggestions for me to do it?
First, make sure you have entered the correct login information. If you have forgotten or lost your password, please use the "Forgot Password" feature. Enter the email address provided at the time of registration and click "Reset Password".
Can I delete my account at
Of course can. To do so, please contact our customer support via the feedback form and we will resolve this issue.
What investment conditions do you offer?
According to the investment advice of, all profits are accumulated every 24 hours from the date of deposit (the exact time with accruals can be obtained from your deposit list). In general, daily profits will be from 4.5% 7.5% to 10%. The subject of the deposit is returned at the end of the investment plan.
What is the payment system you use? only accepts investments in Bitcoin, LTC, DOGE, BCH, ETH and pays profits. If you do not have a personal Bitcoin, LTC, DOGE, BCH, ETH address, please register. The best option is to register on these websites,,
How to deposit?
Read the terms of the proposed investment strategy and deposit at least USD. You must send the specified amount from your BTC, LTC, DOGE, BCH, ETH wallet. The deposit will be credited and will begin work after 3 confirmations of the cryptocurrency network.
What is the minimum and maximum amount I can invest in?
For any coin available on the website, the minimum deposit is only10 USD and the maximum deposit is 200000 USD.
How long does it take to add a deposit to my account?
The deposit will be credited and will begin work after 3 confirmations of the cryptocurrency network. This can take 1 to 24 hours (in rare cases).
I sent you money according to the instructions, but did not appear in my account.
Do not worry. In this case, you will need to contact Customer Support by email or using the feedback form. Describe your problem and provide us with the following information: your login, deposit amount and transaction details (preferably tell us where the payment is sent at BTC, LTC, DOGE, BCH, ETH address).
When is my plan for accrued profits?
According to the company's investment advice, the profit is accumulated every 24 hours from the date of deposit (the exact time with accruals is available in your deposit list). In general, daily profits will be from 3% to 7%. The subject of the deposit is returned at the end of the investment plan.
How much profit can I withdraw from the system?
You can withdraw any available amount from your account balance. Once your account balance is 1 USD pm 5 USD BTC or the amount of all other coins is the same, you can withdraw the profit. There is no maximum limit.
How fast is the extraction of profit extraction requests?
All requests for profit extraction are processed automatically and immediately.
Can I take back the deposit?
Yes, this is possible. Your deposit will be refunded by the due date, depending on the contract selected:
1.)Cloud MiningMake profit up to4.5% Daily for ForeverMin: 10 USDMax: 500 USD
2.)ASIC MiningMake profit up to7.5% Daily for ForeverMin: 501 USDMax: 1000 USD
3.) Hybrid MiningMake profit up to10% Daily for ForeverMin: 1001 USDMax: 20000 USD
Do you have compound interest?
Yes, we have compound interest. You can open and close it in your account at any time. Available compounds: 0, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100%.
Does provide a cooperation plan?
Yes, we offer a Level 1 Partner Program that provides 5%-2%-1% of the recommended deposits.
Level A 5.00%
Level B 2.00%
Level C 1.00%
Who can be my referee?
Absolutely anyone interested in investment income can be your referee.
How can I attract recommendations?
You can share information about your income on social networks. The example shows how much revenue you receive, which will drive your friends to invest. Please send your referral link to your friends before signing up. This will bring you extra income and you will receive it as soon as your friend starts investing.
Can I get a referral commission if I don't have my own deposit?
Of course.
When will I receive a referral commission?
The recommended commission can be extracted as an ordinary profit.
What can I do with the funds I get through the Partner Program?
These funds are yours and you can use them at your discretion: deposit or withdrawal.
Who is the representative of
The regional representative is a customer of He sent us an application with personal and contact information. He/she is involved in attracting new investors and receiving an increased recommended commission of 7%.
What is the recommended commission for the representative of
The status of the regional representative allows you to earn a 7% commission.
Is there a difference between the usual recommended commission and the partner commission?
Both types of rewards are automatically calculated after your recommended deposit. You can order this amount at any time.